Training Content


In cooperation with Archer Learning Center, Washington & Benton County Master Gardeners, and Feed Communities.

  • Planting
    • Students learn when to plant and harvest various crops.
    • Student learn how to use the University of Arkansas’ Extension Services resources to develop strategies for growing regional crops.
    • Students learn best organic practices.
    • Students study planting methods such as raised row, vertical, and square foot gardening.
  • Irrigation Methods
    • Drip Irrigation.
    • Rain water harvesting.
    • Rain barrel and cistern storage methods.
    • Utilization of rain gardens.
  • Composting
    • Students learn how to build a variety of compost bins.
    • Students learn various composting techniques.
    • Students will understand the science behind composting.
    • Students will learn the benefits of composting.
  • Winter Crops/Early Start
    • Students learn how to build cattle panel green houses for winter planting
    • Students will learn how to begin “starts” and then transplant in spring.
    • Students will learn what crops should be started in the fall and winter for successful harvest in the spring and summer.


In cooperation with Arkansas Department of Health, Feed Communities, and Mill Street Market. 

  • Food Prep and Safety
    • Students learn how to prepare meals for themselves, their families, and for large groups.
    • Students study food presentation and layout for efficiency.
    • Students learn how to properly wait tables and serve customers.
    • Student learn how to follow recipes, multiply ingredients based on serving required, and follow cooking temperature requirements.
    • Students learn how to maintain a sanitary environment for food preparation. This includes an understanding of Health Department guidelines and codes.
  • Nutrition
    • Students develop working knowledge of daily recommended allowance.
    • Students learn how to read and interpret food labels.
    • Students are taught how to make healthy choices when shopping and eating out.


  • Students learn how to package product for market.
  • Students utilize social media to promote products and availability.
  • Student learn about market supply and demand and its impact on cost of goods.
  • Students develop the product knowledge necessary to sell goods.